A math teacher who loves her students, and whose students love her!

About me

My bachelor's degree is in mathematics and my master's degree is in business. I am passionate about teaching! There's nothing I love more than seeing that spark of understanding light up a student's eyes.

I tutor all levels of mathematics from K-12 and college, for both after-school students and home school students. I especially enjoy working with students who are struggling in math. So far I have not met a student whom I couldn't help understand and love math. My motto is: "Math is fun! Math is important! Everyone can do math!" ™

I'm also an expert test-taker. I love helping my math students resolve test anxiety and perform better on exams through content mastery and test-taking skills. I really enjoy standardized tests (it's weird, I know!) and I love working with students to prepare for all sections of the SAT, ACT, and other standardized exams.

I live in Mission Viejo with my family, including my 16-year old son.

Local, enthusiastic references available. Or check out what my students and their parents have to say below. Then contact me to schedule your free math tutoring consultation.

What parents are saying

"You're a sweetheart. My daughter looks forward to doing math with you. Thanks for helping her raise her grade." - parent of high school geometry student

"Thanks for all you do...you have made a big difference in our lives!" - parent of elementary student

"We just love you! I've recommended you to all my friends." - parent of high school geometry student

What students are saying

"You're wonderful and thanks to you I understand math better!" - high school pre-calculus student

"Word problems are fun now. Thanks for teaching me how to do them right." - middle-school pre-algebra student

"Geometry seemed hard, but you make it easy." - high school geometry student